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Get consultation to improve your business with technology

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity and access to make use of today’s lates technologies. One of our goal is to allow everyone to be online. an individual, a business, you should be online, active, and making use of the technology to reach out to people and provide them a convenient service.

In order to help you with that, we have tech consultation services to cater to different areas.


With everyday improving startup eco systems around the world, people have more opportunities to have their own startup and grow. There are many different mentoring support, fundings and other necessary support for any type of startup.

But if you are running a tech startup, you might need more technical support than any other to get your product off the ground. You need to make sure you turn your idea in to a viable product, before you move forward.

We want to help startups to get started and grow.

Small businesses

With more and more businesses using technology to grow by reaching out to more customers and keeping them engaged. But with the speed of technological advancement, comes some of the issues you might be facing as a business.

It could be anything from lack of knowledge to lack of resources to get what needs to be done. With TeamUp, being backed by a large number of remote tech personals, we can bridge those gaps and help you grow.


If you are a freelancer working on your own, chances are that you needed help with different areas of your project. From proper requirements gathering, architecting your solution to bugs and issues you find hard to resolve.

As a company that works with large number of developers, we have constantly seen areas we can help out to developers and freelancers. We want to provide consultation to any developer or freelancer outside our TeamUp network, to succeed and grow.

Development teams

If you are running a development team, or is a part of a development team, you already have an advantage of a collective intelligence of all your teammates. But in some cases that might not be enough to overcome the technical challenges you might be facing.

We provide consultation to development teams to help out with anything from Requirements gathering, project architecting, resource planing and agile/scrum planing to plan your projects and run it according to a proper timeline.

General consumers

With our goal to allow everyone to be online, we provide consultations to general consumers who wants to get started with technology. It could be anything from you trying to setup your emails, trying to host your own personal website, or tryin to use an application that you need help with.

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If you think you need any kind of technical support, you can get started by scheduling a free consultation session. We provide one free session per any individuals or businesses to start with.