Server & Application Monitoring

Start monitoring your servers and applications for potential errors

Monitoring is a crucial part if you have an active website or an active application running on any type of server. Specially if your applications are used by a large number of users daily. You need to make sure your server configurations are properly done for best performance and timely backups.

Why monitoring is important

No matter how much tests we do for an application, there can always be runtime errors or issues that arises on a production environment while simultaneous users are using your system in different ways. You might also have to face infrastructure or resource issues at times that a promotion is running, so there will be a burst of users accessing your site or application at the same time.

How do we monitor

We will be using a set of high end applications to monitor your servers and your applications 24/7. One of our ServOps who will be handling your account will be in-charge and will be looking in to the metrics daily to see if theirs any common issues we can predict, such as disk space getting low or high usage of processor or RAM etc.

We are also capable of monitoring application level errors if required, depending up on the monitoring package you will be choosing.

Notifying you

If we see signs of an issue that we can predict, we’l be sending you an email with the findings. And if we see your application throwing run time errors on the server, we’l be notifying you the same. We will also be having realtime notifications configured in case your website or application goes offline.

Start monitoring

Contact us or schedule a free consultation session to find out whats the best way to monitor your website or application to make sure it runs smoothly and without an interruption.