On Page SEO Optimization

Your customers need to find you on Google

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO it self is a vast subject that needs deeper understanding. But basically what SEO means is optimizing your website to match the guidelines and standards of the search engines, so they can index your website and rank you better on google and other major search engines. It’s important to adhere to these standards in your website. By failing to do so, there is a risk of going down in your search engine rankings, which will make it harder for your customers to find you by searching on Google like search engines. We all want have our website on top of the first page of Google.

On Site Optimization vs Off Site Optimization

There are two major types of optimizations you can do for your website. On Site and Off Site. On Site optimization means building/modifying your website to match the SEO guidelines and standards, so that the search engines can identify and index your content better so they can accurately rank your website.

Off Site optimization usually means linking your website with other high ranking websites to build back links in order to tell the search engines that your website is important. However, with the advancements in Search Engine technologies and algorithms, they tend to understand your website content intelligently and index you accordingly.

What effects your SEO rankings

While its important to follow the proper SEO guidelines on your website, there are other various factors that can affect your rankings in Search engines. Specially having a secure url (https), speed and performance of your website, loading time, quality of the content and many other reasons. That’s why it becomes important to have all those factors in check, when you are optimizing your website to higher your SEO rankings.

Get a free website analysis

If you already have a website up and running, but you are not having enough views or leads being generated from your website through Search Engines, you can get a free website analysis done from us where one of our experts will run your website through few tests, and also manually analyze the website and its pages and let you know the areas you could try and improve in your existing website.

Optimize your website

Or if you’d like to discuss how we can optimize your website to increase the performance and match the SEO guidelines and standards, schedule a free consultation session today.