Server Configurations and Installations

Get your server installations and configurations done

If you are looking to get a new server provisioned, or configured, or to deal with server updates or any other server monitoring tasks, you are better off letting a Server Administrator or ServeOps technician to do it. Managing a server by your self might be a time consuming and an added risk if you don’t know what you are doing.

TeamUp has a collection of remote ServOps personals working on demand to help you out with the necessary tasks. You can get the services for a pay as you go payment model where you only have to pay for the task that’s being done, or you could go for a monthly maintenance contract so our ServOps will take care of everything.

What types of servers do we support

We provide support for any type of servers. Shared, VPS, Dedicated or any kind of server with any operating system. whatever your requirement is, we will be assigning DevOps who already have experience in the relevant platform. If an existing application is running, everything will be backed up to an off site location, before handling any configurations or updates.

Application Migrations

If you already have an application running on your servers, and need to migrate the applications to another server, we can get you the resources you need to handle it. Ones we plan out how the migration should be done, we’l be assigning a team with multiple personals, including a developer who has experience with the technology used on on your application, in case we needed to debug or modify something on the new server.

Need to get your servers or applications migrated?

Talk to us or schedule a free consultation session to discuss about your requirement and how we can handle it for you.