User Guides and User Manuals

Build a comprehensive user guide to your website or application

This is a service that most project based development companies lack at the moment. They focus everything they got to building the product, but does not give enough attention to how users are going to use it.

If you are a Software Developer, a development company, it’s a common thing that your end clients will ask you for support to use the software. From anything to a website, web application, backend, administrator panel, or even a mobile application, your clients might ask you for guidance. This could be an issue if you would have to dedicate your resources in to helping out clients and there employees and everyone to how to use your backend.

The solution is to have a comprehensive User Guide or a User Manual which they can refer when they want to get something done. This needs to be properly built so that its easy to navigate and find what they are looking for, and also detailed enough so they can get things done by them self.

User perspective matters

Your user documents should be done from the user’s perspective, so they can understand. Most people does the common mistake of building a user manual using a developer. So most of the time document ends up with technical terms and methods that the user won’t understand. This ignores the actual usage of a user document.

We work with both developers and clients

We work daily with a large number of developers and clients and experiences dealing with all sorts of projects, communications and other experiences. We are good at understanding the developers, as well as translating the technicality in to the client’s language of understanding.

Build user guides for your application

If you are a developer or a development company looking to build a comprehensive user guide to your website or application, talk to us today.