UI/UX Design and Development

Best looking interfaces with most easy to use experience

UI/UX is one of the most important components of your product development, which unfortunately being mostly ignored by many developers and development companies. UI stands for “User Interface” while UX stands for “User Experience”. While these two seems o be the same thing at a glance, these are two different things that you need to handle carefully.

What is UI Design

The user interface design usually means the interfaces that the user sees in your website or application. It can consists of buttons, text boxes, images, text content and all other elements that user can see. It’s very important to get the proper elements designed, proper applicable colors themes, the fonts you are going to use, different images, shapes, etc. Everything that adds up to a beautiful and consistent design falls under the UI Designs. It’s basically the look and feel of your website or the application.

What is UX Design

In simple terms, it’s more about where you place each of those elements above. The user experience of a website is determined by how your users or customers interacts with it. You should be placing your elements, showing a progress if an activity is taking time, and guide them through a proper journey through out your website or the application. If a first time customer can navigate and get what they need easily, that means it has a good user experience. However, we have seen the worse.

Why its important to have a proper UI/UX

Having a beautiful interface can attract customers at the first glance. If it looks good, it’s the love at first sight. But ones they start using your website or the product, they will start feeling the experience. It’s all about providing a good experience. How easy it is to find things, how easy it is to navigate, do call to actions, contact you, etc. Having a good experience is very important for you to keep your users engaged in long term.

How TeamUp will come up with the best UI/UX for your requirements

Through research and experience! As we are working with a large number of clients and developers daily, we’ve seen the best and the worse. We have identified the key features that needs to be there to start with, and we keep researching for more. Building the best experience is not just about the looks. You need to be able to understand your target market, and build the experience to match those users.

We also can setup A/B testing for your application, up on requests so that you can have multiple versions of small modifications shown randomly to your users and analyze which works best by measuring there interactions.

Get your UI/UX done

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