Facebook Shop Integration

Increase your e-commerce shop sales through facebook

As you might already be aware, facebook is the largest online social platform currently operates with billions of active users. With time, they evolve and introduce new features for the users to make more use of facebook.

Setting up a facebook shop will allow you to sell your products and services directly through facebook. This will make it very convenient for the facebook users to browse through your products and order online without leaving facebook.

Why sell on facebook

There are various benefits you can have over having your own store. Few benefits are similar as with other platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce. Facebook does have billions of active users, which you can leverage to have a larger reach for your products and services, while providing them a seamless experience to buy your products.

Advanced Integrations

There’s also a possibility to integrate the facebook shop with your existing e-commerce shopping cart to provide a more seamless experience to the users and for you to take your online shop to a larger audience.

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