Enquiry Management For Small Businesses

Don't miss out your customer enquiries

What is an Enquiry Management Service

If you already have a website, or if you have a social media presence for you or your business, chances are that you would be getting enquiries from people regarding your products and services. If you are not, there’s could be something missing of your online strategies. Talk to us and schedule a free consultation session to find out why.

The enquiries you get through your website and social media could be a potential lead that you don’t want to miss out, or they could also be just asking for some generic details or even nothing related.

You won’t be able to know the difference until you engage with your customers and get more details. But what if you don’t have the time or the resources to sort through all the enquiries?

That’s where you can let us handle your enquiries and engage with them if required. Big or small, we will sort out your enquiries and send you the potential leads that you might be able to turn in to a customer.

Management Process

If you don’t already have, we can help you setup everything you need, an online presence, website or social media accounts, or even consultation and guidance to attract more people for your business.

If you already have the necessary channels we can proceed. We have a large number of remote personal working with us, all your enquiries will be handled as fast as possible with the multiple resources we will be assigning to your business accounts. All enquiries coming through your social media pages will be confidentially handled and will not be shared with any third party.

We will be categorizing the enquiries as potential leads or general information, and will be sending you prioritizing the potential leads (ex: if some one is looking to buy your product or service). At the end of each week/month you will be getting a list of all the enquiries that came through to your accounts, including all general enquiries, so you can contact them in the future for upcoming promotions.

How much does it cost

Enquiries coming through would be different for each industries. Depending on the amount of average enquiries you get per month, we will be able to give you a custom package to match your budget!

Get Started

Contact us today or schedule a free consultation session to find out how you can get the best out of the enquiries you receive!