TeamUp For Businesses

All you need to implement modern technology for your business

All in one solution for your business

We believe we are the all in one solution for your business to move forward with today's latest technologies. With our large number of services covering all technical aspects of your business, and with our large developer base of experienced remote personals to get the job done, we are able to provide all the solutions you need for your business.

All kinds of resources

Our large remote personal base consists of Developers, Designers, UI/UX Engineers, QA/QC Testers, Server engineers, database engineers and many other technical resources. They are all at your disposal, whenever you need.

Higher efficiency

For each of your projects, we builds a team with necessary personals who already has experience in the relevant area and technologies you require. This team can perform in a very high efficiency than a typical development team who will have to have a learning curve for your requirements.

Cost effective

Due to our on demand assigning of resources, you will only have to pay for the resources you use. No need to pay for any overheads or additional costs for having a idle team. You will also have the flexibility to scale up or down the resources depending on your budgets.

Quality and Standards

All our developers and other resources are trained to provide the best quality and standards on all aspects of the work they do. From code standards to the quality of the output, we will guarantee it.

Pay as you go

You have the option to pay for the project using a pay as you go model, where you don’t have to pay a large advance upfront, and you can pay while the project is progressing.

Special payment plans

For larger projects that needs a bigger timeframe and an investment, we provide special payments plans for you to be comfortable.

Talk to us

You can contact us or schedule a free consultation to find out how we can help you to grow your business.