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Improve your development team's quality and efficiency

TeamUp is backed by a large number of developers and other personals to provide the best services to our clients. We are here because of developers like you. So we think we should give back to the development community.

We want everyone to do their best and contribute towards better quality output in your projects and products you build.

In order to achieve that, we provide support in different areas,


If your development team needs training in a new technology or methods like Agile/Scrum etc we are happy to provide you necessary training to start with. While it is up to your team to make sure you dedicate your self to learn these new technologies and apply to your work, we will provide our best support.


We have a wide range of consultancy options that might suite you. You can read about them here

Requirement gathering

Requirements gathering is one of the most important phases that you should do right, when you start a new project, but unfortunately most development teams does not pay enough attention to it and ends up having issues in the middle of the on going development.


System architecting is important if you are building any kind of an application. Could be a web application, mobile application or a desktop application. You need to plan out how everything is going to connect together, and what sort of resources and technologies you need etc.

Resource planing

It’s important to plan out your resources during the course of the project/product development. You need to make sure the work and responsibilities are divided between the team members to have an efficient output as well as to complete the project on time.

Debug and bug fixes

This could be a turning point for most of the development teams that they loose time and resources trying to fix bugs due to lack of experience. Few bugs can mess up your whole development plan.

Many other services

We also provide many other services and support for existing development teams to perform better and succeed in your projects.

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If you have a development team and needs support, you can contact us or schedule a free consultation and find out how we can help you to overcome your challenges.