TeamUp Internship Program

Get started with the latest technologies and standards

TeamUp is all about providing a platform for people to work remotely. With experience of working with both clients, freelancers and remote developers over the years, we have identified some common issues between most of the freelancers.

Lack of industry knowledge

One of the major issues we identified was the lack of industry knowledge. Since most of the freelancers are just using what they have self learned, they don’t always produce the best output.

No knowledge of standards

As some of the developers we work with have previously worked in companies who does not follow any standards, they have gotten used to the same way and keep producing work that’s not up to the quality or the standards.

Not familiar with latest technologies

Since they have been trying to complete there freelance projects from the knowledge they know, they have not had the chance to learn knew technologies that can improve their projects and their freelance career.

We started from the beginning

As a result of our analysis, we started our internship program to start from the very beginning to help produce better individuals to the community. We provide them the training, knowledge and experience they need to catch up to speed with the latest technologies and standards, and to work in real world projects to gain better industry experience.

Success Stories

Some of the success stories of students who completed the internship program.

Current Internship Openings

We have open up the internship program for year 2022. Check Out our current openings.