Analytics Integration

Keep track of your visitors and their behaviors

If you have released your website or application to the public, it is very important to keep track of your visitors and their behaviors to see how your website is performing. Your ultimate goal would be to reach in to more users or customers and you need to see if that’s happening or not.

What types of analytics you can get

It can vary depending on the type of your application, and what types of integration you do. But most commonly, you can see the number of visitors, active users, how long they visit your pages and which pages they navigate to.

You can also see where most of the traffic is coming from and there geographic details such as countries they are from and devices they use.

Does is slow down your website or application

With today's latest tools and technologies, having an analytics integration does not slow down your website. While it does take up a smaller amount of your request times, but in most cases it is not noticeable.

Advanced Integrations

Other than being able to track your visitors basic activities, an advance integration of analytics can help you track your product sales, conversion rates, promotional campaign success rates and many more custom data.

Get analytics to your website or application

If you think Analytics can help you improve your business, talk to us or schedule a free consultation session to find out a best way to get the most out of having realtime analytics.