Custom Plugin Development

Custom plugins for any kind of platform

If you have been working with pre built CMS systems like Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart and many other, you must have came across the term ‘plugins’ which you can buy/ download and install to add additional functionality in to these systems.

Apart from CMS systems, almost any system that supports extensibility has the ability to write plugins to extend its features.

Why develop a plugin?

Plugins can be used for many use cases. In most cases it is to add custom functionality to the existing system. They are also being used to integrate your system with 3rd party systems, such as API’s, Payment gateway systems, CRM and ERP systems and many more.

Benefits of developing a plugin

Building a plugin is the best way to make sure the custom features you are adding to a system will not affect the main functionalities. Since you won’t have to modify the core system files directly. It will also allows you to port your systems through different versions of the CMS you are using, with no to minimum changes.

Sell your plugin

If you build a plugin that might be useful for other people and can be used by others, you have the option to sell it. Most of the popular CMS systems will have a plugin marketplace where you can list your plugins for sale and people can buy it from the marketplace.

How to get started

Contact us or schedule a free consultation to find out how we can turn your idea in to a re usable or a sellable plugin.