Server & Application Cleanup

Keep your servers and applications clean to improve performance

Server Performance matters

It’s important for your website or applications to perform better and faster as possible to your users. While there can be many factors that affects your website or application’s performance, Server performance plays a big role in it. Unlike any other computer device, servers needs to be properly maintained, and cleaned to make sure it runs on its best performance, depending up on its configurations.

Clean malicious files

Your website might get viruses or malicious files due to security issues on your application or your server & you might want to clean it. While there are tools and applications to scan your servers to finding malicious files, there are occasions that some files might have to be cleaned manually in order to keep the application from breaking.

Routing cleanups

Or either way, a routine checkup and a cleanup would be a good practice for your website, web application and the server to make sure everything is as it should be.

How to get started

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