AR/VR Applications Development

Build unique business experiences using modern technology

What is an AR Application

AR stands for “Augmented Reality”. It adds digital elements in to a real live view like a video feed from the mobile phone’s camera. With proper development, it can understands your environment through the camera and can acts accordingly. ex: place a 3D object on top of a table.

There are countless applications you can build to provide an amazing and unique experience to your customers. Today most of the people are having a considerably powerful smartphones, an AR experience for your customers would be a game changer for your business.

What is an VR Application

VR stands for “Virtual Reality”. It usually means a complete immersive experience without interactions with the real world. There are special VR headsets like Oculus Go and HTC Vive and many other devices which is used for high end VR applications. However with today’s technology, there are ways to build VR applications that runs on mobile, which you can use a small casing to hold your phone and wear it in front of your eyes.

How can you benefit from an AR or VR application

While everyone may not have access to a VR device, AR is very applicable for most of your customers as it just runs on their smart phones. you could provide a unique experience to your customers to interact with your brand through a custom made AR application for your business.

An immersive experience VR application can be used for indoor or outdoor promotional activities that can attract visitors and keep them engaged with your brand.

There are many other applications that can be custom built to suit your business.

Take your brand to the next level

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