Custom Database Management

Go paperless and be an eco-friendly business

A database management system is a very generic term used for a system that you can use to manage and keep track of your data. Depending on the type of your business, these data could be your employees data, leaves and other HR specific Data, orders, invoices, payment histories, delivery details, income and expenses or any other data you may want to keep track of.

How you can make use of it

A digital database is an alternative for having to handle paper based data. Where you will have to spend on stationary costs and also to find something or analyze them when necessary. This could be a very exhausting process, specially when you have to crawl through all your files and papers to find a needle in a haystack.

Easy access

By having all your data digitally, through a database management system, you will have easy access to all your data, whenever necessary. You can also host your system in the cloud to make it accessible to you from anywhere in the world.

If it’s a necessary, you can also share it with other users and provide them a separate login with restricted access. So all the data is shared in a centralized location and you decide who will have access to which data.

Easy search

One of the best benefits you can have is the ability to easily search and retrieve your data. In a split second, you will be able to find what you are looking for in a large number of records.

Backup your data

You can also keep a backup of your data in case of a user error. Unlike having everything on paper where some one could spill coffee, you don't have to worry.

Generate Reports

As a business, a very important part of your data is the ability to generate reports. By having a system to manage your company data you will be able to generate reports that you need to analyze and predict how your business is going, how your employees are performing etc. among many other types of custom reports you can generate.

Reduce paper usage, eco-friendly business

With all these effort we are taking now to save the environment by reducing plastic and reducing carbon foot prints, you can contribute to eco-friendly business by reducing your paper usage. It will help with cutting down less trees to make these papers.

If you would like to read about how going paperless can help the environment, you can read it here

Get your own database management system

TeamUp is highly experienced in catering to custom requirements. We have a large number of remote developers, designers, technical writers, QA and other technical personals working together to build the best software. With our on demand team as a service, we are able to provide cost effective services with higher quality.

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