Why Choose TeamUp for your solution

TeamUp is the revolutionary way of working.

Bridging the gap between developers, technology and businesses.

Collective intelligence

TeamUp has a large number of developers, designers, QA/QC Testers, UI/UX Engineers, Architects, Database Administrators, Server Administrators, Project Managers and many other technical personals working across different timezones.

All your projects will be handled by a team of developers and necessary personals with prior experience in the related technologies and requirements.

Virtually unlimited & Scalable resources

Due to our model of on demand resource allocation of remote personals, we are able to scale up or down depending on your timeline and budget. It's just a matter of assigning more remote resources to your project when required.

Unlike in a typical company where there is a fixed number of employees, who will have to handle all the on going projects in a fixed number of hours per day, TeamUp has no barriers.

Highly Efficient

TeamUp provides a flexible remote environment for everyone to work while having a better work-life balance. It naturally boosts there productivity as they don't feel the stress of missing out there families and lives.

We also make sure that the members we assign to a team for your project, are familiar with the required technologies and has prior experience. Which reduces the learning curve, thus making the team very efficient.

We have the necessary processes in place to track their work and make sure everything goes according to the planned sprints.

Fraction of a typical cost

With our on demand allocation and remote working model, we have a very low overhead cost compared to most of the typical companies where most of their project cost goes to cover their overheads.

We really don't want you paying for the overheads.

Pay as you go

Our payment models consist of a Pay as you go option where you don't have to invest a large amount of advance payment or any other amount for large scale projects.

You can only pay for the resources you use while the project is on going.

Highest quality and standards

One of the sole reasons why TeamUp was started was to bridge the technology gap between businesses and developers. We had seen how most of the companies focuses only on finishing the projects faster to gain more profit margins, thus forgetting about the standards and quality of the project on the long run.

We follow Agile/Scrum methods with very standard practices like Code Reviews, CI/CD integrations and all the necessary tools and methods in place to deliver the best output possible.

Find out why you should choose TeamUp and how you can benefit

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