Secure Your Website With HTTPS

Convert your website in to a HTTPS secure website

Another initiative from TeamUp to bring all the websites to use HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) instead the non secure HTTP most of the current websites are using.

Secure Connection Tester (Free Tool)

Why its important to have HTTPS

HTTPS is to protect intruders from modifying or stealing information from the communication between your client’s browser and your website servers. It has become a common type of attack for sites without HTTPS, for intruders to steal sensitive data off from your website or server communications.

HTTPS prevents this by securely encrypting and validating the connection between your server and client’s browser, thus securing the sensitive data thats being transferred. These could include passwords, credit card details etc.

Google is forcing you to use HTTPS

With the increasing number of threats for websites, Google started showing a “Non Secure” tag in it’s browsers to force people to start using secure HTTPS. While this is a good initiative for owners to secure there websites and applications, it does bring some advantages for owners who hasn’t implemented it yet.

How can it affect your business

By having a non secure tag near your domain name for every page and every user who visits your website can provide a negative idea of a not secure business. Specially if your site consist of any products or purchasing or form submission activities, this can hugely make a negative impact.

Build customers trust

While it is important to secure both your customer’s and website’s data, it is important to build trust to your customers. Since your website is one of the key points when it comes to having an online presence for your brand, it is very important to have a proper HTTPS certificate for your website.

It affects your SEO rankings

With google’s move to force website owners to have a HTTPS connection, google also prioritizes HTTPS websites over non secure websites as a step towards making the web secure for everyone. If you still don’t have an HTTPS certificate for your website or web application, it is time to get one.

Secure your website now

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