Long-Term Project Development

Build your own team with no additional overhead

If you are on the path to developing a long-term product, it could be an expensive and exhausting process with all the technical and non technical challenges you will have to face.

Finding the right people

Important issue you are going to face is finding the right people. Finding developers, designers, architects, UI/UX engineers, QA/QC, Technical writers, etc the list goes on. You need to find people who have the knowledge or the experiences, and with the right attitude.

Dealing with HR issues

Even if you manage to find them, you will have to deal with leaves, attendance issues, other HR issues and personal issues which can be very complicated.

Knowledge and capability issues

Theres also the issue with their knowledge and capabilities. Even though they might know the necessary programing language, they might not be able to handle the complex logics or mixed technology components.

Code standards and maintainability

When developing a long term product, it’s very important to focus on the code standards and maintainability. Specially since it’s a product that will be maintainable by different developers from time to time, it is very important to stick to the proper standard when developing the product.

Server infrastructures

You might also need support with server infrastructure setting up and configurations while your product is on development. Having to hire a person for time to time infrastructure maintenance would be a wasted resource.

Let us take care of everything

TeamUp has a large pool of remote developers, designers and all types of technical personals working together as teams, in order to achieve the best outputs with highest efficiency. Every team is build with members who have experience in the related technologies and industries to make sure they perform at their best.

We will be handling all resource availabilities internally, and you will have a single point of contact, us, to keep in touch and communicate the progress of the product build. We run on fully agile/scrum based environment so you will be able to get continuous sprint updates and releases.

Build your team

Contact us or schedule a free consultation session to talk to us and find out how we can develop your product in the best way possible.