Scalable Resources, Pay as you go

You decide your budget. We provide you all the resources.

Team as a Service (TaaS)

Build your own team of cross-platform developers, UI/UX designers, QA professionals and support engineers with any desired skills, and only pay for the work you want get done.

Remote Developers Icon

Large pool of remote developers, designers, QA etc

We have a large number of experienced personals working with us around the clock, providing the capability to cater to any and all your requirements.

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Scalable Resources,
Pay as you go

We are fully capable of adjusting resources to fit your time and budget. You only pay for the work you get done, no need to pay for overheads.

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Fully Agile

Every team will be working in a fully scrum based environment. Daily scrum meetings, weekly sprints and review meetings to keep everything on track. You get to see how your project is performing in real-time.

Unlimited teams Icon

No Limitations

Because of our unique method of building teams on demand, We are capable of providing development for any type of project with any programming language and technology you require.

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Highest Efficiency

Unlike in a typical software company where the same team of developers having to do everything, your on demand team is built using personals who are well experienced in the required services and technologies.

Guaranteed Quality Icon

Guaranteed Quality

As a part of our remote development process, we have all the tools and methods in place to make sure every output is up to the standards.

Popular Services

Software Development Icon

360° Software Development

TeamUp is experienced in managing full scale software projects from scratch to its completion, or beyond that if required. We assign and manage an on demand team of remote developers and other required personnel to build all solutions efficiently. Anything from simple websites to web applications, mobile applications or any type of custom software requirement.

Existing Project Maintainence Icon

Existing Project Maintenance

If you have an existing project that might have been abandoned by your previous developers or you may need to add more features, make modifications or fix a bug, We can do that! It can be a hassle to maintain an existing project as it might have been built with different technologies and standards of different developers. Thanks to our large pool of developers, we can find the best match to handle your project.

Business Analysis Icon

Business Analysis Support

Many software projects fail when you don't have a proper plan before you start. If you Got an idea in mind you need to convert into a software project, we can sit down, run down your idea with you and create a technical documentation you need for the project to kick off. We can help you to analyze your requirements and build the right documentation which both you and your developers can understand.

System Architecture Icon

Systems Architecture Support

If you know what you exactly need and got the requirements gathered, still its not enough to guarantee a successful software project. You need to design the proper architecture and decide which technologies to use, what's the platform to host or run, and break the whole thing down into small components, It's all about how every bit and pieces gets connected together.

Code Review Icon

Code Reviews / Standards

If you have an existing team working on a project, but if the code is not up to the standards, we can review your code and suggest how to make the code better. Which can also improve the performance of your application. You will thank yourself one day in the future for having a well maintained code.

Bug Fixing Icon

QA, QC & Bug Fixing

Need to run through a QC for your project? We have skilled Testers who will run through your website or software application and will suggest you ways to increase the quality from both the user's and developer's perspective. Best part, we can also fix those bugs we find, if you want.

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What makes us different

On demand resources

Unlike a typical software development company, we believe in collective intelligence & efficiency. No one is good at everything. That's why we bring together teams of different individuals who are good at different things.

We provide a platform for remote developers to work flexibly with a work-life balance, and provides a platform for businesses to use these resources to build cost effective solutions.

Pay as you go

You only need to pay for the resources you are using. No need to pay for overheads.

Reliability & Efficiency

It's a common issue

One of the most common issues that Businesses has to face while working with remote developers or freelancers are the issues with reliability and efficiency. As most of them are not experienced with client handling, as well as difficulties with technical knowledge, there can be issues in getting what needs to be done.

TeamUp bridges this gap by handling both sides of the communication. With experience from working with both clients & large number of developers throughout the years, we speak both the languages.

As a client,

You will get to see the updates and progress of how your project is getting built, while only having to keep the communications with us. We are always their to answer all your queries.

As a developer,

You don't have to worry about business requirements or things that you won't understand. We will translate all the requirements in to technical instructions you can understand.

Everything you need

Imaginations are the limit

Because of our model of using remote developers and other technical resources, we are able to provide a large number of services with any type of technology or infrastructure at any scale.

It's a matter of putting together the right team

We will always makes sure we assign the right persons with experience to the job. If we currently don't have a resource, we'l find it when you need it.

Ready to Go Solutions

To help you get started quickly

We do provide a set of ready to go products and services to help you get started.

Over the years, we have identified a set of products and services that most of you often requests.

Time to improve your business

We want to help you to use the modern technology and to improve your business. We have all the services you need from the start to end, and beyond.

Giving back to Community

People matters

We are being successful because of everyone around us. We want to give back to the community.

Many Initiatives

That's why we have started internship programmes, free consultation programmes, training, special discounts for startups to help grow, support for other development companies and teams to improve their quality of work and outputs, and many other services. More to come.

Internship @ TeamUp

We believe that the best way to improve the quality of our industry is to start from the beginning.

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Consultation Support

For everyone who needs help with using today's modern technology to improve and grow their business

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Partner with TeamUp

We provide partnerships to any businesses who are looking to make a difference in the community.

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Affiliate Marketing

One of our goals is to get everyone online. Any individual, bushiness or organization should be using the technology to provide a better service to the community. We need your help to reach into more businesses and to help them transform.

While helping them, we want you to grow with us.

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