Web Application Development

Your own web application developed for your requirements

A Web Application is more advanced than a website. While they both can have similarities when it comes to the technologies and other properties, a web application behaves towards providing more features, facilities and a better experience to the user rather than with a simple website that only has information for the user to read.

Website vs Web Application

A Website is used more towards providing information to a user. Could be a personal website, company website or a website for some other organization. It mostly contains with text, images and videos and will provide actions for the users to contact you.

It’s hard to define what exactly is a Web Application. Anything that runs on web, which has registration, login, updating there details, saving data, retrieving data etc can be categorized as a Web Application. In most cases does more than just providing information to the user.

If you have an idea, an existing business and planing to grow your business, building a web application that’s useful for your customers could highly benefit you. It will help you to keep them engage with your business in the long run.

Technology, Performance & Infrastructure

When building web applications, it is very important to select the right technologies. A proper assessment needs to be done to see how the end result can be achieved in the available timeline and budget. Most developers try to build web applications the same way they would build a website, thus facing many issues in the middle of the development. So choosing the right technology to match your needs, is very important.

Another factor for success is the performance of the application. Even if you build a web application with large number of useful features, it won’t be much of a use if the application speed is not performing well. This has to be kept in mind from the beginning when developing the applications.

Last but not least, it matters where and how you host your application. The servers and infrastructure of how you are going to server you web application to your clients. Even a highly performing web application can perform with poor performance if the infrastructure is not done right.

Why build it with TeamUp

TeamUp has a large number of remote developers designers, testers, infrastructure engineers and other technical persons working together. This allows us to tackle every aspect of the project with the best and experienced people for a fraction of the cost you would be paying for a typical company who has their overheads.

Due to our remote working model, our resources are very scalable and can be adjusted to your timeline and budget. You’l be getting the best of both worlds if you choose to build your next big product with us.

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