Online Ordering and Reservations

Allow your customers to book and reserve online

If your business does allow your customers to order online or reserve your place or services, you can highly benefit by having a proper online ordering and reservation system. This applies to any business that has the facility for people to reserve before arriving, such as Hotels, restaurants, guest houses or any type of similar business etc.

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Benefits you can have

In today's competitive market where you have similar businesses competing with you, it is an advantage to stand out of the crowed by providing convenience to your customers. Even the customers more tend to engage more with businesses that they can do business easily.

By providing a proper online or a mobile platform for them to do bookings, your customers will be able to go through the information without having to contact you and will be able to check availability and add their reservation.

Take online payments

You can take partial or full payments prior to the booking to make sure the bookings are valid. This can be done by integrating a payment gateway with your online booking/reservation platform.

Get your own booking platform

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