Payment Gateway Integration

You can accept instant payments online

Why you need it

With the increased number of people who are now paying online for goods and services than ever, It is a must to have an online payment system in your website or your application to allow your customers to pay online.

With today's world, there are many different options and facilities you can integrate in to your website or application in order to allow the customers to pay with their convenient option.

Integration process

However, integrating a payment gateway is a critical process you need to do the proper way. It involves different technical knowledge and skills to integrate different types of gateways, depending on your website or the application. With proper testing after the integration, you need to make sure it works flawlessly so you won’t loose any payments or transactions in the process.

With the large developer base working TeamUp, we are capable of handling a variety of gateway integrations with any technology, programming language or platform.

Get started

If you already have a website or a application that you need to integrate online payments facility, talk to us and schedule a free consultation session to find out whats the best and cost effective way to do integrate with your current web or mobile application.